Why PROM PAR and Civic education?

The efficacy of the social inclusion process in EU member states for Asylum Seekers and beneficiaries of International Protection, is questioned because of the perceived decline in civic engagement, and in the target group’s capacity to organize themselves and participate in the social daily life.

“Civic education is central to the integration process of migrants in their host countries.”

This challenge is what the PROM PAR project is aiming to meet. During a two year period from September 2019 to August 2021, the six european partners of the #ERASMUSplus project will work on developing an effective civic education training system, to equip the target group with knowledge such as virtues, norms and critical thinking. This in order to strengthen their autonomy, self-efficacy and self-confidence, and consequently their participation in civic life.

This will be done through an open online education resource containing modules on civic education topics aimed at both newly arrived and settled asylum seekers/beneficiaries of international protection.

The Partners of the project are:

Cooperativa sociale Glocal Factory (Italy – lead partner)

EDEX – Educational Excellence Corporation Limited (Cyprus)

SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education Limited (Cyprus)

Centre for European Constitutional Law (Greece)

European Information Centre (Bulgaria)

Resource Centre for Integration (Denmark)

PROM-PAR (Promoting Migrants’ Democratic Participation and Integration) aims to foster democratic participation among immigrants, through civic education. Furthermore, the project seeks to foster self-confidence, democratic values, and critical thinking among the target group.

In order to achieve the stated aims, the following activities will be conducted:

  • Reflection on current practices regarding civic education, along with research on new approaches
  • Development of civic education modules, based on the knowledge gained in the previous step
  • Creation of an e-learning platform acting as a hub for the civic education modules, and to promote the approach of PROM-PAR to the general public
  • Creation of an ECTS format, in order to award participants with an official certificate for participation