In fair Verona, we begin our story…

…with less drama than Shakespeare, but with an intent and positivity that can rival even the greatest love story!

Such was the atmosphere during the kick off meeting hosted by Glocal Factory in Verona on November 4th – 5th 2019. During these days, the partners met and set the grounds for the coming work.

A general discussion of the topic ‘civic education’ was initiated, as this is the focal point of the project. Input from the partners already suggest, that the term is not widely used in education and even less when it comes to educational offers for migrants. A common definition of the concept was agreed upon in order to facilitate the next phases of the project, so all partners can proceed with the mapping of the state of the art, collecting best practices and consult stakeholders and refugees/migrants through focus groups. This output will be finished by March 2020. It will inform the development of the curriculum for the modules on civic education, so it fits the experienced needs and gaps.

Finally, the partners discussed the coming activities and started looking forward to the next transnational partner meeting in Vejle, Denmark in March.